· Provide volunteer support and resources to help farmers and their families deal with a disability or illness.

· Assist provincial organizations in developing and delivering farmer safety and health support programs to farmers and their families.

· Network with other like-minded health organizations to improve services to farmers.

· Provide a library of videos, booklets, designs for modified farm machinery, and other relevant resources for use by disabled farmers.

With the generous funding of the FCC (Farmer Credit Canada), CFWDR has completed an information manual for their peer-support counsellors. This 62-page manual outlines and itemizes conditions by which peer-support counselling is delivered by our volunteers. This includes training, supervision and evaluation of peer-support counsellors. The manual provided examples on various key skills for peer-support counsellors within CFWDR. Copies are available in French and English. Please contact the Chair of the organization by emailing to info@cfwdr.com